About Us

Stayonrental strives to be the best place in Europe to find the perfect vacation rental and hosted rental properties. Our exclusive matching technology searches hundreds of amenities to find for you a rental property that meets your every need. Stayonrental also provides you the advantage of booking direct with the property owner. If you own a vacation rental or hosted rental, we want to make the process of renting your vacation property as seamless as possible. We’ve created the most extensive owner section on the web with everything you need to professionally manage your rental. And our listing service is designed to take you through the process of creating a detailed description of your property that rivals all other listing service descriptions. We know the importance of a good description. It is your most important selling tool and when done to perfection, it will help you meet the expectations of your guests and create lifelong relationships. We do upload atleast 10 photos for each property, description, services, prices, google map, terms&conditions

We are very highly motivated to render our most personalized services to all our valued clientele at very reasonable competitive prices. As explained on our web site we also provide some promotional packages from time to time to serve your interest best.

In view of above, you will not only be buying our most personalized services at very reasonable prices but also we will provide you all the ways to experience the World with full fun, delight and profit making.

Therefore, we welcome you once again very much open heartedly to help us on our previously mentioned mission to make it a success and provide us opportunities to forward a hand of friendship and in the meantime enjoy the most personalized services from us. Come one, come all!